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CUBAN MUSIC GIVEAWAY SPECIAL (Throwback 2010) Three DJ Mixes (Gratis) to Shake Your body—Menéalo.

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Spring time is here—La primavera está aquí!

In April 2021, quarantine restrictions are gradually being lifted, and the sunshine and warmer weather is greeting us and putting a smile on our faces.

This is the right moment to massage our ears and treat our dancing body to some hot tropical music. It is time to light up our spirits and resuscitate happy memories that have been forgotten.

There are three DJ mixes available for free download—each one has over an hour duration of continuous Cuban beats (salsa, son, timba, rumba, conga y cubaton). They were produced in 2010; a time, Cuban popular and urban music was defending their way through the charts and gaining recognition worldwide. It was also a time, the London (UK)'s Cuban/Latin's scene was pioneering the action—full of creativity and inspiration paving the way for what it is today.

These DJ mixes mean a lot to me and I'd like to share them with you.

Here, I present to you the free download links to the three DJ mixes.

Follow this link to download the music: CUBAN MUSIC GIVEAWAY SPECIAL

DJ Mixes' tracklist:

• "Rumbón Cubano" (2010)—Click on the link for the Rumbón Cubano's tracklist.

• "Base Del Barrio" (2010)

This DJ-mix was inspired by my weekly Latin/Caribbean night Base Del Barrio (back in 2005). It also ignited my initiative to launch the lockdown weekly livestream "LA BASE".

Click on the link for Base Del Barrio's tracklist.

• "El Ritmo" (2010)—Click on link for El Ritmo's tracklist.

Hope these DJ mixes bring positive energy to your life. They might introduce to Cuban music you didn't know or help you to cook, to zumba, to drive down the motorway, or hype up your party.

If you missed the 21st March's Cuban music giveaway then follow this link: Cuban Music Massive Away.

If you like the DJ mixes follow me on Instagram and Facebook (and drop me a LIKE on my FB page).

Stay tuned!

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