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(English) "Whatcha Gonna Do" (lyric video dedicated to the dancer)

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I have a question for the dancers across the globe:

What are you going to do when the lockdown restrictions are lifted and the dance floor is yours again?.

We all know the answer to that question: We Will Dance Our Hearts Out, no doubt!

Listen to the revised song "Whatcha Gonna Do" by DJ Green Papi Feat. Rae Lim and enjoy the lyric video. The sonic aesthetic of this record reflects an original blend of Cuban timba, funk, urban and Caribbean vibes—coined bashylongo by Green Papi.

This composition will seduce you with a romantic r&b touch and a tropical Spanish-English vocal delivery riding over a strong Cuban-Latin funky beat.

"Whatcha Gonna Do" is the title for the fourth song in DJ Green Papi's "Elemento" EP released online in 2013 (available on iTunes and Spotify).

Green Papi—"I wrote the bilingual lyrics for this song back in 2012. Initially, I recorded the vocals for the whole song (the lyrics were arranged from a male perspective). Nevertheless, during critical listening sessions, I realised that according to the lyrical content and feel of the song, the record would have benefited from the presence of a female vocalist interacting and harmonising with the male one. That same year, a friend recommended me a female singer, and I had the privilege to collaborate with the multitalented artist Rae Lim in my home studio. The lyrics were adjusted to suit the collaboration, and the official vocal arrangement was tracked".

In 2021, Green Papi is finding time to develop his long overdue debut album "Elemental". This project will feature a revised selection of songs from his "Bashylongo" EP (2008) and "Elemento" EP (2013) among other fresh and unreleased material.

"Whatcha Gonna Do" is one of the compositions that has been revised for the forthcoming album.

Enjoy it!

Stay tuned for latest news and updates.

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