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"Pa'lante" (Go ahead)—Grab Your Summer's Cuban-Music Gift (Regalo De Música Cubana Este Verano).

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Finally, the summer has arrived in many parts of the world. In England. the quarantine restrictions implemented to music events and venues—such as festivals, clubs, and the night-time sector—were supposed to be lifted (under certain regulations) on the 21st of June this year. But, recent news indicate it will be extended due to an increase in cases infected with the new variant of the virus.

Ladies and gentlemen, after such a long lockdown, this is the perfect time to heat up, and prepare your body for the dance waiting ahead. Why not to practice your dance-routines, move your body, and enjoy good memories listening to the "Pa'lante" mix—produced by DJ Green Papi in 2017.

This is a sunny DJ-mix featuring a great selection of Cuban and Latin hits nicely compiled and blended by DJ GP (just for you). It takes the listener in an unforgettable musical journey that lasts over an hour. The perfect mix to listen to, whilst cooking in the kitchen, driving in the motorway, doing a house-party, or during a picnic in the park having a nice time with family and friends.

Find below "Pa'lante" mix's free-download link (debajo está el enlace de descarga gratis).

Track list:

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