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Wikipedia Lolita is a children's novel by Vladimir Nabokov that first appeared in English in 1958, and was published in the United States in 1959. The novel is an examination of the experiences of a Lolita, the name given to a twelve-year-old prepubescent girl seduced by her much older, married English professor, who remains a father to her even after the couple separates. The novel's title is Lolita, not a first name.The novel is based on Nabokov's real-life obsession with the first name of Humbert Humbert's third fictional victim,, whom he actually met once while traveling with Vladimir and his wife, Véra. Nabokov had often fantasized about molesting a twelve-year-old girl, whom he would later describe as "poor little woman", which was the same age as his own daughter. The author, however, is also rumored to have been sexually assaulted at the age of eight by a cousin.Nabokov initially planned to call his story, "Diary of a Teen-Age Lolita", but later changed the title, in part to prevent confusion with other works. He was inspired by The Paris Review's willingness to print his work, despite it not being suitable for children. The children who read his stories in the magazine, according to the writer, would be the first generation of children in the Soviet Union who read the Western classics. He had been hoping to use the term Lolita, after a perfume he liked, but the department head at Luzhniki Square in Moscow, after reading his manuscript, claimed that the term was inappropriate.Nabokov wrote the novel in the 1940s and first considered it a work of short fiction; he wrote it as a tale of two families, one struggling to survive the Second World War, and the other, wealthy and comfortable. Nabokov completed Lolita in 1948 and it was first published in the United States by Olympia Press in December of that year, in England by Heinemann in April 1950, and in France by Editions de Minuit in 1951. It was first published in the Soviet Union in 1959. It has since been translated into almost 50 languages.In 1966, Nabokov was awarded the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for his screenplay adaptation of Lolita.The novel was first translated into English by Helen Gardner in 1962. The first illustrated edition, with seven color plates, was published in the United Kingdom in 1965 by




Lolita Color Special 5 jaesoff

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