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"Your Audio Request Is My Command"

Oriente Star Sound (OSS) is an audio production brand founded DJ Green Papi in 2000.

It specialises in digital audio production, editing and engineering.


Areas of specialisation

• audio editing for dance choreography routine.

• production of DJ drop, radio's ident/programme, sweepers, jingles, and mixtapes.

• audio recording/production of voiceovers, podcast, and vocals for instrumental tracks.

• sound editing/post-production for short films, animation, and multimedia applications. 

Additional skills/service

• song-writing/music production including digital mixing/mastering—for demo purposes

DJ specialised in mainstream hip-hop, r&b, throwback 80's & '90s, salsa, timba, urban Cuban/Latin beats, and tropical/Caribbean vibes.

• 1-2-1 DJ workshops for beginners—history (from analog to digital), technical parts, cueing, beat matching, harmonic mixing, and general tips.Gear: Technics 1210 MK2, Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3, and DDJ-SR controller.



A versatile club DJ/audio producer with over 20 years of experience. Born in Guantánamo—a province in the eastern region of Cuba known as Oriente—which is the cultural foundation that fuels his original style, and inspired the name of his brand ORIENTE STAR SOUND.

Since his arrival in London in 1995, he has been soaking the city's multicultural scene. His DJ set has come to prominence with an eclectic selection of mainstream danceable beats seasoned with the heady essence of his Cuban/Caribbean roots. The broad spectrum of his analog/digital music collection ranges from classical, jazz, funk, soul, and Latin to r&b, hip hop, dancehall and afro-beat

His passion for sound led him to take several music/audio production courses. He has produced the sound for several moving-image projects including the audio for the East End Film Festival 2016's animated sting. In 2017, he graduated from the University of East London with BSc (Honours) in Music Technology.

He is also responsible for creating the bashylongo Latin music style—a Cuban timba's derivative—featuring on his Elemento EP in 2013. He has produced over 30 Cuban/Latin DJ-mixes, and some of them have reached up to 24th and 19th place on Mixcloud's Latin Chart.

Green Papi's urban-dance background and versatility makes him the authentic party DJ.