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Oriente Star Sound (OSS) is an audio production/reproduction brand.

It specialises in digital audio editing, design, and mixing.

specialised Areas


• Digital audio mixing—2.1 format (stereo)

• Audio editing for dance and choreography

• Production of DJ drops, radio's ident/programme, sweepers, jingles, and mixtapes

• Audio recording/production of voiceovers and podcast

• Post-production—sound editing for short films, animation, and multimedia applications 

Additional skills


• Music production (1-2-1 Workshop For Beginners)

• Song-writing

• Vocal recording

• Professional mixing/mastering for demo 


DJ specialised in mainstream hip-hop, r&b, throwback '80s & '90s, salsa, timba, urban Cuban/Latin beats, and tropical/Caribbean vibes

• 1-2-1 DJ Workshop For Beginners: Introduction to basics (analog to digital). Technical parts, cueing, beat matching, phrasing, harmonic mixing, basic scratching technique, and general tips 

Gear: Technics 1210 MK2, Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3, and DDJ-SR controller


DJ Green_audio

Welcome to Oriente Star Sound (OSS)'s website. Designed by Ernesto Green.


I am an experienced digital audio producer/engineer, and open-format Caribbean/Latin DJ.


I was born in Guantánamo—a province in the eastern region of Cuba known as Oriente—where I was exposed to my earliest musical influences and built my transcultural foundation. This experience provided the basics that fueled my creative touch, and inspired the name of my brand ORIENTE STAR SOUND.

Since my arrival to London in 1995, I have been soaking the city's multicultural scene. My set has come to prominence with an eclectic selection of mainstream danceable beats, seasoned with the heady essence of my Afro-Latin/Caribbean heritage and production work.


The broad spectrum of my audio collection on (cassette tapes/vinyl records/CDs/digital music files) defines the essence of Oriente Star Sound's anatomy. OSS's audio scope ranges from classical, jazz, funk, disco, soul, salsa, timba, tropical grooves, Latin, and Cuban beats to reggae, mainstream, urban, and electronic music, among other genres/categories.

My academic/musical knowledge, technical skills, performing background, and diverse experience in the creative/cultural industries have broaden the capabilities of my professional deliverance. 

My passion for sound has led me to expand my knowledge through official education programmes. Since 1998, I've started attending/completing several English, computing, audio, and music production courses in London, UK.


My highest academic achievements have been a Bachelor in Science (BSc Honours) in Music Technology, and a Master of Arts (MA) in Audio Production.


I have produced the sound for several audio-visual projects including the East End Film Festival 2016's animated sting, and the short film "Demons", to mention a few.

I have an extensive catalogue of DJ mixes and livestream shows uploaded on Mixcloud. Some of these uploads have reached top places in Mixcloud's charts.

I have also developed the Latin urban style I coined bashylongoa Cuban timba/timbatón's derivative. I am currently involved in the production of exciting and interesting projects that will take Oriente Star Sound's output to higher dimensions. 



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