Film Director

Adam Zaatri

It is important to work with people with a professional etiquette but to also work with perfectionists is a marvel, I have worked with Ernesto Green on a short film via field recordings, studio recordings and audio post-production.


 He has brought such gravitas to the project that would be noticeably absent without him.


Musician, Dancer, Choreographer, Researcher

Hannah Bates

I have used Oriente Star Sound music editing and production services a number of times whilst working as a choreographer.  The experience I had was excellent, Ernesto always worked skilfully, conscientiously, promptly and respected my artistic requirements, which were at times very specific.  He has excellent knowledge of all the hardware, software and programs he uses, and was able to edit rhythmically complex and sophisticated folkloric music seamlessly, as well as provide creative solutions for editing music that did not immediately “work” together.  His combination of creative ideas and technical expertise is unrivalled in this area, especially when working with Afro-Latin music. 


Director/Photographer/Designer (as2studio)

Alba Santano

My experience working with Ernesto couldn’t be more creative; from the environment he created to his profesional work. Everything around was ready to have a lovely experience and atmosphere of work.
I really recommended him for sound projects and I will definitely join him for my next projects!


Cuba Solidarity


We were really happy with the mix you made for an online Cuban flavoured social event – it fitted what we needed and a great choice of tracks – you produced a professional mix quickly and in a format that was easy to use and appropriate for the event. People loved it! Thanks so much! 


Digital Storyteller

Farhana Khan

Working with Ernesto has been a fruitful experience. He is pro active and always willing to help. He is an absolute storyteller with unique musical gifts always open to friendly discussion and critical review. As a person, he is friendly and very welcoming. I would thoroughly recommend his friendly, hardworking style to anyone.


Dance Artist & Events Organiser

Amanda Demerara

As an artist having the right music is important, any mix to be smoothly and correctly done. Dj Green provides a trusted reliable service be it music editing or Djing. I can rely on his understanding, skill and efficiency for any music request i may have and i can trust in his knowledge and professionalism. Thank you for always 'saving my bacon'.



Eikel V. Hernádez

Ya que llevamos trabajando juntos desde hace ya varios años Ernesto cada vez el trabajo es mucho más fácil ya que su trabajo profesional es impecable que realmente da mucho gusto seguir trabando con el


Event Organiser

Angela Taylor

DJ Green Papi has worked for Cubacheche on a regular basis for many years. A fine DJ with an eclectic selection of music to suit all tastes. Reliable, good time-keeper, and hard worker. Always goes the extra mile to please his clients. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Gianni Morales.jpg

Singer/ Composer

Gianni Morales

El trabajo realizado por el DJ y productor musical Ernesto Green supero mis expectativas. Gracias a su magia y profesionalidad estoy agradecido y satisfecho por la halagüeña y fructífera experiencia.


Chief Executive Officer @Community Eye Tv

Christopher Live Jackson

dj green Papi has a great studio he makes recording easy and fun and has good knowledge of how to create what ever you need  in music or sound effects as a sound oriente star  sound is one of the best in pleasing  a crowd Papi great dj skills and character can win over any crowd. 

TIMBON PLAY -Official.Still007.jpg


Rosa Perez

DJ Papi is absolutely amazing, always so friendly and professional each time we talked on the phone or emailed each other. He responds right away and offers suggestions, I strongly recommend him.

afro-cuban A-front cover copy.jpg

Afro Cuban Pati

Care James

We have used DJ Green's service over the past 7 or 8 years. He provides us with both visuals and music for our events. He has also provided some mix tapes to help promote our events, thanks to you DJ Green.


Dance Instructors/Latin's Event Promoters

Juan Muñoz and Susan Milner

Just seen this picture. And remember what a wonderful music by DJ GREEN PAPPI. Was this fantastic party . Most two year ago look like was last week . Hope can do it again this year. Thank you green . 


Dance Director (Thomas Dance)

Carlton Thomas

I have used Oriente Star Sound DJ services on a few of our events over the years under our brand name Cuban Vibes which involved Latin Club nights and 3 day weekend dance festivals and may i say their professionalism and delivery of service to my customers was of a very high standard. I have also used Oriente Star Sound audio editing-production service as they produced and mastered some compilation Latin mixed Cds for our company as a promo for our 3 day weekend dance festival and as a volume 1 & 2 series for our Bonche a lo Cubano mix Cd series.


Afro Cuban Pati

Ibrahim Ajala

We have been working with Oriente Star Sound now over 10 years. We are now depended on Oriente Star Sound audio visual expertise to run our annual international Afro Latin Dance Festival, they are knowledgeable, helpful and very professional.


Cubacheche's CEO

Carlos Hernandez

Oriente Star Sound worked with our company Cubacheche for many years developing and doing successful works as a DJ and producer on several promotional videos for the company. 

We are very grateful and very happy with his work, he did very professional and excelente job.


Cuban Reggaeton Artist


I have worked with Ernesto Green AKA DJ Green Papi and I have to say that he has always put his heart and soul into his work, it could be mixing, producing or recording voices. Ernesto is for me a perfectionist, he is always looking at ways to improve and make it better. As an artist, I will always respect whatever his decision is when it comes to making my music sound great. 


Lolo MC

Alberto Amador

Mi experiencia con Ernesto Green conocido como (Dj Green Papi) en su studio es genial. Ya que motiva y enseña como todo un profesional. Serio para su trabajo tambien como productor. En fin, es un exelente Boss. Para mi tiene 100% 5.


Dance Teacher/Artist & Events Organiser

Miguel Gonzalez

I feel privileged to have used the  Oriente Star Sounds, and I can accentuate the level of professionalism and going the extra mail to produce the required work was an experience as a musician you will very much appreciate as DJ Green is a strong connoisseur of musicality and sound management, not just on the Cuban/Latin American diaspora, but as well on several areas of Music production in General. I will say the curriculum stretches further and the experience was amazing, thank you very much Oriente Start Sound for your professionalism and attention to detail.