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A nine-year old's beat transformed into a dance hit—"Sax Shuffle".

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Sometimes, children wonder how a tiny seed can grow into a huge tree. We grown-ups explain to them that nature takes its time to provide the love that sustains life and growth. The same concept applies to the music-production process. Inspiration begins with a small musical idea which can be developed into a finished 'grown-up' composition.

Back in 2018, KGJ's little sister was into the shuffling dance, so he decided to make a dance beat for his sister to shuffle to. He composed the beat in Garageband using his mum's computer. His composition was like a tiny seed, but it has a solid core—as strong as a rock. KGJ's beat had a catchy vibe because it made his sister move and show off her shuffling moves.

Play the video below to listen to KG's dance beat (tiny seed).

When he presented his idea to me, I felt it had something special. The beat featured a four-bar drum loop; the bass drum was hitting four crotches in a measure (four-on-da-floor) at a tempo of 140 BPM. The drums were accompanied by high and low synth lines that hooked the listener with a catchy vibe. Nevertheless, his beat was a four-bar loop without a song structure, I could hear the potential sound of a dance hit in it. Next, I moved his Garageband's project to Logic Pro X to develop his idea and expand its full potential.

I decided to incorporate KGJ's alto-sax sound to the project to lock the production with an electro-acoustic feel. We jammed together and came up with a groovy sax's riff. Then, we hit the sound lab, and tracked several takes.

The rest was history; his sister enjoyed voicing it, and dancing out to the finished record. Both children experienced how a tiny seed could grow into a huge tree—meaning they experienced how a basic musical idea was transformed into a finished audio-visual project.

I believe, without a doubt, that the record "Sax Shuffle" will provide the dance-floor-rocking contribution to the electronic-music scene. The record is available on your favourite streaming platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazons Music, among others.

Check the links below:


KGJ - "Sax Shuffle" Feat. YP will be Premiere this Sunday August 29th @5pm on Bashylongo Records' Youtube channel—Click the link video below.

Stay tuned for upcoming news and updates.

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